Presenting Medea Handbags, the Minimalist Bag Brand We Love

In case you’re tired of logos and excessively structured sacks, you’ll adore our most up to date revelation

Something I adore most about living in New York City (and trust me there are such huge numbers of!), is the simplicity of finding new brands. I live in the Lower East Side, and my neighborhood is a hotbed for innovative sorts. From the moment I leave my condo I am encompassed by design and culture. And keeping in mind that there are numerous different urban areas that can leave somebody right away enlivened, I simply love the vitality of New York (however as of now I’m on edge to visit Paris again and Copenhagen out of the blue).

Half a month back I was meandering around my neighborhood on a curiously warm winter day, frosted espresso with oat milk close by, people watching and getting a charge out of the unseasonably warm sun. I ceased to look into the window of a cool store when a tall, delicate figure (apparently one of NYC’s numerous models) rose wearing a fantastically straightforward, yet chic, all dark outfit. In her grasp was a square shaped, yet apparently unexceptional sack, and I squinted to attempt to rapidly peruse the name. It’s circumstances such as those when I’m appreciative for my 20/20 vision. I took a psychological note and proceeded onward, totally overlooking said sack until Priyanka Chopra was seen in New York with a similar pack close by.

I chose to dig into this pack brand somewhat more and was charmed by what I found. Medea was made by two previous models Camilla and Guila, who likewise happen to be twin sisters. Medea sacks are portrayed by their pervasive shape, which is effectively contrasted with that of a shopping pack. Each pack is organized fit as a fiddle and is staggeringly smooth. There are distinctive sizes just as cowhide wraps up. A present most loved of influencers and celebs, it’s not long until these packs achieve faction status. Shop a portion of our top picks beneath and study the brand and the sisters behind it on instagram @medeasisters

Medea Prima Croc-Effect Tote($690)

Medea Prima Tall Leather Tote($585)

Medea Prima Venti Leather Tote($745)

Medea Crocodile Embossed Crossbody Bag($593)

Louis Vuitton’s Summer 2019 Capsule Collection Enlarges the Brand’s Classic Monogram Print

Exemplary Monogram just got a mammoth new look

Notwithstanding Louis Vuitton’s runway accumulation, each late spring a case gathering is discharged also. These accumulations ordinarily offer a themed turn on Vuitton’s most prominent styles. This has been a staggeringly effective showcasing strategy as Vuitton darlings see the things as authorities pieces, and it’s an extraordinary path for clients to re-purchase new forms of the styles they cherish. While the previous spring we had sufficient energy trunk packs, this spring we have overstated monogram print sacks. Today we’re investigating the just presented Monogram Giant Collection.

This gathering highlights totes and different extras, all bearing the enormous monogram print for no particular reason shading mixes. The Speedy Bandouliere 30, which retails for $1,910 is my most loved of the cluster, while the Neverfull MM, retails for $1,750. Obviously the gathering highlights an adaptation of Louis Vuitton’s freshest it pack, the Bumbag, which costs $1,980. The whole accumulation is accessible to see by means of Louis Vuitton.

Tuesday Shoesday: 10 Shoe Trends for Spring 2019 at Every Budget

From PVC to the ideal regular tennis shoe, we have the picks your closet longs for

One of my most loved things about spring climate is the change from boots, booties and shut toed shoes to pads, shoes and lightweight tennis shoes. This spring I’m on edge to add a couple of patterns to my shoe-drobe. All of you know I’m on edge for another all white tennis shoe, and another pair of white loafers is likewise high up on my rundown of spring needs. And keeping in mind that despite everything i’m attempting to chosen if spending lavishly on my first pair of creator shoes is justified, despite all the trouble I assumed that I better locate some quite great tricks for the expensive shoes I’m needing. I’ve needed a couple of Saint Laurent tennis shoes for a long time currently, so I’d state that those are high up on my rundown, however the Veja’s are a truly flawless pair as well. I’ve been seeing almost exposed strappy shoes like the Aquazzura pair all over, and with a thick square heel I would really destroy them, not at all like the blended media PVC siphons from Gianvito Rossi. Those are only a pipe dream. Which pattern would you say you are restless to attempt this spring?

Gucci Brixton Convertible Loafer($730)

Sam Edelman Lorraine Loafer($120)

Jimmy Choo Erin Slingbacks($595)

Steven Lourdes Slingbacks($99)

Holy person Laurent Classic Andy Sneaker($525)

Veja Esplar White Sneaker($120)

Gianvito Rossi Plexi Pumps($815)

Schutz Cendi Pointy Toe Pumps($155)

Aquazzura Mescal Suede Sandals($785)

Schutz Veronica Sandal($170)

Dear Vaughn: Month Two and Three

Dear Vaughn,

It constantly pester me to hear individuals discussing the fourth trimester, not on the grounds that I didn’t think it existed, but since I thoroughly consider we examine and center around offering terms to everything. Yet, in the wake of having Millie and now you, I realize the fourth trimester has a name since that timeframe can be somewhat unpleasant as it’s the greatest progress and numerous guardians feel like they can inhale somewhat better by month three.

So here we are, you are three months old, despite everything I can’t trust you are here. You are so unique in relation to your sister, with a little identity that gradually develops day by day. You are equivalent amounts of quiet and emotional, going from the most joyful child to the most disturbed infant in the blink of an eye for reasons unknown. You don’t take a pacifier yet you need to push your whole clench hand in your mouth to self relieve. You will shout on the off chance that I endeavor to sustain you when you aren’t ravenous, however in the event that you are eager and I’m one moment late, you will discernably holler out. What’s more, the equivalent goes for rest. You can not be alert for more than 1 hr and 15 minutes on end without going into an all out emergency as we attempt to get you to rest 23 seconds past the point of no return.

In any case, kid, when you are content, you are the most substance. You are impeccably upbeat to be held and simply gaze at us and your sister. Your grin is one of the cutest things I’ve at any point seen, with a little dimple looking through on either side of your cheeks (you got this from me!). Your sister cherishes you more than I suspected she could gather at this age, and it makes me need to have around 12 additional children watching both of you together. The moment you wake up from a snooze and stare at us, your grin is the principal thing you share with us, and we will successfully get you to grin. It’s a nervy little smile, so blameless and unadulterated. And keeping in mind that you grin for us all, you especially need to watch everything your sister does. At the point when she’s in the room, your look doesn’t abandon her, you track everything she might do. She’s truly taken to you, calling you “my little one” and continually keeping an eye on you and disclosing to me what you’re doing.


Rest is once in a while decent with you, yet you want to stay asleep for the entire evening or even near it. I cherish our daily snuggle sessions however I’d lie on the off chance that I said that I’ll miss them. Particularly with a functioning baby sister going around, rest is fundamental for your mom to feel semi-practical. Also, the vehicle, kid you completely abhor the vehicle with a profound enthusiasm. I didn’t realize kids loathed vehicles, I was under the feeling that each child cherished the vehicle and the vehicle would quiet you to rest. In any case, inside a couple of minutes of you being in the vehicle you go from a low whine to an all out wail fest that I can not discover my way around. I put the windows down, I sing melodies, I play repetitive sound to your ear. I’ve even sat in the back center set beside you while your father drives 10 minutes not far off to the specialist with no profit. I don’t have the foggiest idea why, however the vehicle is your least most loved thing ever and I super truly trust you one day like it since I invest a great deal of energy in the vehicle.



Having you has made me increasingly sure as a mother, I’ve fallen into the job definitely more flawlessly than I did with your sister. I began to look all starry eyed at you speedier than with Millie in light of the fact that I realized how madly exceptional this adoration would develop as you developed, and you are the most mind blowing little buddy to round out our family. I guarantee to take more pictures of you (I was constantly behind on Millie’s month to month pics and I’ve disregarded yours hitherto, I’m grieved), do whatever it takes not to make you ride in the vehicle, keep you upstanding for somewhere around 30 minutes in the wake of eating for your reflux, and cherish you and shield you from now until the finish of time. I constantly longed for having a little mother’s kid and I remember my good fortune day by day that you went along with us and enable me to nestle you and squeeze your cheeks a bigger number of times than I can check each and every day.



I Never Wanted a Gucci Bag Until…

I saw my companion’s mother wearing a Sylvie Leather Mini Bag

I never trusted in all consuming, instant adoration. That is, until the minute I looked at the Gucci Sylvie Leather Mini Bag in red. Note that I’m once in a while pulled in to red sacks. (My accumulation is on the whole dark. Oh no.) But given me a chance to let you know, this Gucci variant requires a special case.

Sufficiently clever, the first occasion when I saw the pack was subsequent to snatching espresso with one of my most established companions. She was around the local area for a couple of days, and as we were bidding a fond farewell, her mother (who I know and love beyond a reasonable doubt) came up to me to make proper acquaintance. I really wanted to proclaim, “Goodness, your sack. It’s shocking!” After I said it, I was somewhat humiliated. Her mother likely still considers me the young lady who played spruce up with her little girl – not a young lady who might truly think about burning through $2,400 on a sack.

The main thing I did when I returned home was rapidly Google it. Since I’m marginally strangely into packs, I could tell from the begin it was a Gucci. Despite the fact that the notorious (and rather vast) logo was not a single where to be seen, the gold equipment gave it away (to me, in any event). When I limited that down, I sought high and low on the site until I found the right size, style, and shading. It really comes in a significant number hues (dark, white, honey bee embellishments), yet I feel that red just bodes well on this sack.

Up until this point, I’ve been resolved with companions that I’d never buy a Gucci. I don’t have an issue with the brand (a large number of the styles are lovely!), however I feel as though they are extremely common now – and when we’re looking at burning through a great many dollars on something (particularly as a semi-speculation sack), I just never thought Gucci was the best approach.

Two or three days after my first experience with Sylvie (we’re on a first name premise now), I went to the closest Gucci store to assess it for myself. I can joyfully report the quality surpassed my desires. It was durable and marginally bigger than I expected, and the gold-plated equipment adjusted everything, giving it a touch of a bonus without saying, “Take a gander at me! I’m Gucci!” It unquestionably earned a spot on my pack list, however regardless I haven’t chosen on the off chance that I’ll buy it later on. (I like to ruminate on a pack for a few months before pulling the trigger.)

I can say I’m on a semi Gucci kick now. (Who might have thought!). Obviously, Sylvie gets the main spot on this rundown, yet I’ve likewise gathered together a bunch of different styles I wouldn’t see any problems with experimenting with. What do you think? Is it accurate to say that you are into it?

Sylvie Leather Mini Bag($2,400)

GG Marmont Mini Round Shoulder Bag($1,290)

Dionysus GG Blooms Super Mini Bag($790)

Sylvie Embroidered Small Shoulder Bag($3,100)

Arli Medium Shoulder Bag($2,980)

GG Marmont Raffia Small Shoulder Bag($2,390)

Cherish It or Leave It: Fringe Bags

Two or three weeks prior I was doing my schedule daily look through internet based life when I recognized this photograph of uber-in vogue songstress Dua Lipa. I’m calm fixated on Dua Lipa, both as a craftsman and as an individual. While there are a few looks she wears that I most certainly couldn’t pull off, all that she wears is professional and popular however suits her well. Also I’m unimaginably jealous of how well she shakes short hair. Genuine talk: I’ve been discussing trimming my hair for over a year, yet I just can’t pull the trigger! Anyway, I diverge. When I saw Dua Lipa conveying a Jacquemus Le Baci Fringed Raffia Tote I quickly imagined that I should have a periphery sack. Upon further examination I’m not actually beyond any doubt in the event that it accommodates my style. Periphery is more bohemian and less tense than I normally go for, yet I’m as yet not by any stretch of the imagination over it. Considerations? Do you adore it or would you abandon it? In case you’re here for it we have an entire slew of periphery packs to kick you off on this pattern.

Jacquemus Le Baci Fringed Raffia Tote ($540)

Trademark Fringe Leather Tote ($435)

Miu Bucket Bag With Embellished Crystal Fringe ($1,950)

Fendi Baguette Embellished Leather Shoulder Bag ($5,900)

Alexander Wang Ryan Fringed Bucket Bag ($695)

Balmain Fringe Top Handle Tote ($3,594)

Holy person Laurent Fringed Leather Clutch ($2,150)

Longchamp Amazone Convertible Crossbody Bag ($810)

Givenchy G3 Chain Fringe Leather Bag ($3,490)

Bottega Veneta Fringe Shoulder Bag ($1,580)


Givenchy GV3

As a rule, when an architects contract isn’t recharged it’s one of two things. The fashioner either needs to go off and investigate new difficulties or the plan house requires another tasteful vision (otherwise known as they wanna forget versus getting kicked to the lanes).

I presume that following twelve years of Riccardo Tisci’s residency (which is long at any rate cuz not every person can wrench out style like the machine that is Karl-however more on him later) another imaginative vision was required. Under Tisci, Givenchy was for the most part a universe of dim sentimentalism that frequently took a rebellious curve, which can be a bit also periphery for more extensive buyer tastes.

Adding to that, Givenchy has never had a similar clout as other French extravagance brands with regards to their sack contributions, and you realize which brands I’m alluding to. Packs resemble the ideal open door for brands to truly expand their primary concern thinking of it as’ less particular than endeavoring to fit into some smooth creator pants, that is, on the off chance that you can manage the cost of it!

It’s the motivation behind why LMVH, the corporate umbrella of Givenchy acquired Clare Waight Keller to energize Givenchy sacks with her expertise and ability [read: make it more mainstream]. With business hits at Chloé, for example, the Hudson and Faye sacks, the move resembles two jigsaw confound pieces are meeting up among brand and architect.

Givenchy GV3

Givenchy is as of now putting some substantial eggs into the Waight Keller bin. For instance, on Givenchy’s site, The GV3 sack is settled solidly as a famous pack nearby pack providers – Pandora, Antigona and all the more as of late, the Horizon tote which is as yet feeling its way in the market. The ‘GV3’, begat after Givenchy’s memorable milestone address in France, is a square shaped molded chain-lashed bear pack with a crease over fold and three accordian-style compartments aside from the Nano estimate which just has one, justifiably. Possibly it’s in the photography or lighting, yet the GV3 operating at a profit goatskin looks totally disappointing in the pictures that I’ve seen (read: B O R I N G). It’s far all the more complimenting in two obviously differentiating surfaces of softened cowhide and calfskin like this one, in the most lovely lofty blue.

The GV3 comes in Medium, Small, Nano and Mini and every one of them accompany cowhide lashes aside from the Nano, which has a vintage-esque gold or silver shoulder chain which radiates a nostalgic vibe. The common sense of wearing the sack four different ways is a BIG victor, who doesn’t need esteem? You can wear it on the arm, on the shoulder (obviously), cross-body, or as a night grip.

Another reward about the GV3 (yet just for the Nano) is that it incorporates a component that the business is fixated on the present moment: belt sack abilities (two waist bands are sewed on the back). I can see this being an adaptable suggestion for the individuals who need to dunk their toes in the belt pack look possibly not today, however maybe later when temperament varies towards the ‘how about we give this a go’ attitude’, as so regularly happens while pondering design decisions. The GV3 sack by and large isn’t an amazing, yet increasingly like old fashioned in that it is charming. It unquestionably doesn’t have the sort of extraordinary specifying that made the Chloé Hudson sack engaging for the boheme young lady however.

So what do you all consider Waight Keller’s abilities being made an interpretation of from Chloé to Givenchy two seasons in? We’d like to know! Accessible on NET-A-PORTER and Givenchy stores around the world.


Picking my wedding outfit was a long procedure and one that went a huge number of dollars over spending plan. In the event that you had disclosed to me a year ago that after my wedding my 5-figure Vera Wang outfit would finish up resembling a colossal wad of texture shrouded in impressions and pushed into a storage room I would have never trusted you. In taking a gander at “getting the pieces” and safeguarding this lovely outfit (required its own plane ticket to get to my goal wedding since it didn’t fit into the plane storage room!) I ran over Happily Ever After Gown Preservation. Turns out with regards to your most costly design pieces, it’s not just about cleaning, it’s about appropriately “safeguarding” on the off chance that you need to store them away without hurting their respectability. Truth be told, on the off chance that you simply have your piece laundered and balance it in your storage room, soon its respectability is genuinely traded off.

I talked with Jeffrey Schwegmann, the author of Happily Ever After Gown Preservation to discover more. While his organization has practical experience in wedding dresses, this applies to any valuable outfit or style piece that you’re pondering putting away.

What precisely is safeguarding?

Conservation is process for bundling materials for long haul stockpiling utilizing materials explicitly intended to have no impact on the long haul stockpiling of the piece. We utilize corrosive free bundling materials, we utilize collapsing strategies that assistance avert wrinkling. We seal the inward capacity box to help keep out ecological elements like moistness and bugs. When you join proficient cleaning procedures with long haul stockpiling bundling materials and bundling strategies you can clean and safeguard an outfit and it should look same in X measure of years as the day that we bundled it. For whatever length of time that client is aware of where the store the outfit box. In a soggy cellar or hot upper room, it doesn’t make a difference what you do, those areas will affect the long haul stockpiling of any material. Our bundling will help diminish that, yet the introduction to extreme changes in the components will have an impact. Under the bed or in a cooled wardrobe are great spots for capacity.

What would you be able to enlighten us concerning costs since there is such a major range?

Our organization charges a level rate for our bundles. A few organizations charge more for fashioner things. A few organizations charge more for premium bundling materials that may be fancier. A few organizations charge for beaded things or for transportation. We attempt to keep things basic and charge a level rate.

With regards to wedding dresses/costly things it tends to be upsetting to pick where to get the things cleaned. What are essential things to search for when choosing where to have the thing laundered?

Research does make a difference. Cleaning organizations are ordinarily family claimed and are not very web savy. So online audits are hard to discover in this classification. In any case, what you should search for is really simple. Do they process outfits in-house or do they send it out? On the off chance that they send it out, that is alright, they likely send it to an authority like our organization, ask who that organization is and call or email them. In the event that they do clean outfits in house, request to see one. Ask what the estimating covers. Inquire as to whether the complete an underlying assessment at the client administration counter. Ask to the see the proprietor. Ask to what extent it might take, be explicit, on the off chance that you need the outfit cleaned and squeezed for something like a wedding, they have to know the date. Most significant urban communities have somebody that has practical experience in outfits. They likely promote on their site or on wedding outfit arranging locales. We furnish administration across the nation with our mail request administration. A few clients would prefer not to mail their outfit, and we will endeavor to guide them to a pro in their general vicinity if there is one. We educate free with respect to charge, we need outfits to be cleaned and thought about securely.

What is the most ideal approach to store a valuable piece if it’s not being safeguarded? Does it rely upon the material?

Outfits ought to never be put away in plastic. Cotton breathable packs. Endeavor to utilize the production holder or a wide tough holder that bolsters outfit. Keep away from daylight. Maintain a strategic distance from dampness. Expel stains or spots as fast as conceivable before capacity. Store your outfit in a cooled room or storeroom. Maintain a strategic distance from capacity zones with changes in temperature or dampness.


Similarly as with any extravagant function that acquires droves of celebs and wannabes, we’re constantly prepared for some genuine pack activity! Sharon as of now featured the best, most noticeably bad and WTF design minutes from the Met Gala cover, yet today I’m here to give you my Top 5 sack picks through the evening.

At this years Met Gala, it was intriguing to see the Catholic iconography and shapes compared with high ensemble dramatization, making the entire undertaking anything besides preservationist. See underneath for my Top 5 pack picks at this years Met ball!

Selena Gomez, Coach

Alright, so I didn’t realize Coach was a decent brand to get celebration supplies. When you’re the substance of Coach, you wear the brands structures out of affability. In any case, this custom Coach pack has a recorded, yet chic feel that Selena most likely asked for. Simply don’t get some information about her tan, I’m speculating she didn’t supplicate the prior night.

Michelle Williams, Louis Vuitton

Michelle has dependably been a champ for me in integrating downplayed looks on for all intents and purposes any floor covering she strolls on. She picked a Louis Vuitton Petite Boite Chapeau sack with shiny luxurious itemizing to add to her metallic silver sparkle. Much the same as a blessed messenger.

Katie Lee

This gold tough looking grasp appears as though it can perform twofold responsibility as a weapon. Beneficial thing I’ve just got positive things to state about Katie’s pick. There are heaps of gold and silver conditioned grasps that could undoubtedly exhaust you at the occasion. This one isn’t exhausting! I adore this figure like piece that resembles current craftsmanship. Doesn’t it help you to remember a hard turtle shell (Sort of? Perhaps?). Do you know who this grip is by?

Tabitha Simmons

The UK shoe creator imagines a great deal of desire commendable shoe structures; to coordinate, she demonstrates to us carrying a kick ass desire commendable pack. This grip resembles something you would see on a glass recolored window. The sack smoothly coordinates her custom Dolce and Gabbana outfit, which has Byzantine-enlivened religious craftsmanship portrayals encompassed by fragile beading and brocade work. I could likewise utilize your assistance with ID’ing this sack!

Emma Stone, Louis Vuitton

Emma stone broadened her costuming with a dependable Petite Malle grip. By a long shot, I think this is the most ‘widely recognized’ sack, in which you could without much of a stretch mix into your own life’s extravagant occasions. On second thought, Michelle Williams Petite Boite Chapeau pack has that quality as well. All things considered, wear whatever you feel great with!


Is it accurate to say that you are in that strange trench of changing out Winter garments to fun summery looks yet the climate is chaotic to the point that you’re reluctant to secure your sweaters totally?! Amazon Fashion has the answer– as fun tops you can layer on cool days or wear basically with pants or light-weight skirt. One of our top choices is this too charming off the shoulder cotton sweater in numerous hues (and it costs not exactly a martini in NYC yet it makes us feel similarly as great!)

Who realized Amazon was stuffed with adorable style revelations?! I tested Emiley from my group to discover moderate yet snappy tops for each day of the week-and she concocted the best tops under $100. SPOILER: some are even under $50!!!

Pipe dream? Decide for yourself, I wager you’ll begin getting coquettish summer dresses whenever you request your batteries!


Kendall + Kylie Surplice Hi Lo Shirt ($59)

In a period where Girl Bosses wherever are flourishing, this pullover is the good to beat all. Fitting lapels is something you don’t see particularly on a plush pullover, yet I can’t get enough of it! This shouts “I am the lady in control.” A style staple for the workplace, and a decent method to begin your work week.


Consistent Crush Top ($43)

One of nowadays, the climate is going to stick to being warm. We won’t need to stress over getting a coat and we can flaunt this delightfully point by point tank. A high neck is effectively one of my top choices since it looks so great with explanation hoops.


Bardot Frill Top ($21.00)

On the off chance that you haven’t just gotten on, the off-the-bear style is digging in for the long haul. This simple top looks incredible in dark since it’s the most adaptable. What’s more, at that cost? We can’t state no. Ideal search for protuberance day!


English Factory Top ($32.50)

The peplum style trim is what it’s about. A style that is so natural to spruce up is the thing that make this top so easy. Besides, who doesn’t love become flushed pink? Ideal for spring days!


Supposition Sleeveless Francine Peplum Top ($59)

OK, how dazzling is this top? It shouts girly. I can never get enough of slight spaghetti ties in my storage room. It generally makes me feel so female and what better approach to state TGIF? This top would be dear under a hued cardigan, or just independent from anyone else.


Nicole Surplus Top with Pintuck SLV Detail ($71)

I like to think about this as my most loved end of the week top. So light and vaporous, it would be an extraordinary go-to for pretty much any occasion. Dressing it up or down could never be an issue. It’s the ideal top for those day-to-night exercises.


Free People Velvet Solid Tank ($65)

Everybody needs a tad of velvet in their storeroom. I claim this tank top and I adore the stretchy, smooth texture that this tank have. It is an extraordinary layering piece and can be worn lasting through the year (since I mean this red shouts merry Christmas). It likewise comes in dark!